The Team

We’d love to meet you in person, but for the time being: This is us.

Anna Wanderwitz


Explaining complicated things and building outstanding pitchdecks. Giving unsolicited, but highly valuable advice. Finding every typo, the one positive aspect of OCD.

Reach out for… a to-do-list.

Victoria Prymak

GRAPHIC DESIGNER | Problem solver

Experienced not only with web design, but also with frontend and backend parts. Victoria can answer questions not only why, but how.

Reach out for… a website ahead of time, so your business can rise to the occasion.

Dorothée Schmidt

GRAPHIC DESIGNER | Idea Transformer

Organizing content and optimizing hierarchies for an easy understanding. Bringing good looks and easy reading to typography. Eagle-Eye for details.

Reach out for… captivating logos born out
of scribbled ideas

Lena Lamp

ART DIRECTOR | Tone-Setter

Managing and inspiring the team. Developing professional visual concepts, pre-press and print media. Keeping a keen eye on pixel accuracy.

Reach out for… high-end print products.

Kira Rodina

GRAPHIC DESIGNER | Talented All-rounder

Structuring visual content into aesthetically pleasing concepts. Creating beauty on daily basis.

Reach out for… clear visuals and minimalistic design solutions.

Christian Wenning

FOUNDER | Innovative Thinker and Vision Changer

Bringing actionable ideas to your vision or visions to your skills. Plus skillful doubts to your convictions and convincing new avenues to try.

Reach out for… sparking (and definitely unique) ideas.

Salomé Erard

GRAPHIC DESIGNER | Concept creator

Creating visual concept and brand identities. My goal is to translate requirements into design to communicate the right message that inspire and make complex ideas more accessible. 

Reach out for… combining images, illustrations, and text to bring an idea to life

Henriette Retzlaff


Analyzing and optimizing any project. Planning and organizing your mission. Realizing and controlling clear visions – and always having an answer ready.

Reach out… to get the problem solved.