What does the perfect pitch deck look like? Anna Wanderwitz talks to Philipp Grassinger from Jale GmbH about what makes the difference.

With our motto “improve your content in style” we focus particularly on presentations and pitch decks. In terms of content and appearance, we want to help give your work the perfect finishing touches. 

Recently, our founder and CEO Anna shared some deep insights on the topic of pitch decks in an interview with Philipp Grassinger from Jale Beteiligungs GmbH. In the interview, Anna and Philipp discussed the different collaborations between Blueberry Walnut and various startups, which content to include in every pitch deck, and the biggest deal closed (to date) with a pitch deck we created. Every entrepreneur will find something of interest in this interview, just take a look for yourself!

JALE is an investment company founded in 2011 by Björn Jopen, which now owns a portfolio of 16 companies. Besides the founder and CEO Björn, Philipp Grassinger works at JALE as an investment manager. Through short interviews via videocall, JALE regularly speaks to interesting personalities from the startup and founder scene as well as the VC industry. The interviews cover a wide range of topics from the entrepreneurial world, and give an exciting insight into the daily work and experiences of the interviewees.